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sheep animal welfare


All the lambswool used in our products is sourced from high-quality spinners with animal welfare policies in place.

The fleece used in manufacturing the yarns can be traced back to Australia and South America from non-mulesed sources (the nasty practice of removing the skin around the sheep's bottom to prevent fly strike, which tends to be associated with the yarn used in high volume, low-cost garments)

The spinners are members of Wool Mark who have signed up to the RSPCA best practice in Support of the International Wool Textile Organisation Working Document of Animal Welfare and 5 Freedoms

  •  Freedom from Hunger & Thirst
  •  Freedom from discomfort
  •  Freedom from pain.
  •  Freedom from injury
  •  Freedom from disease

Standard 100 OEKO-TEX cotton is used in all our sock production.







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